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The Rogue Reader: A Link Mashup for Marketers

Posted by Chris Mikko on Mar 04, 2015

Content curiosities from around the Web. Warby Parker’s technology-based lifestyle brand offers insights into retailing’s omnichannel future. Telling statistics: 86 percent of B2B Marketers use content marketing, but only 21 percent can track their ROI on it. One reason why: Only 35 percent have a content marketing strategy in place. […]

Japanese Facebook Engineers The “Safety Check”

Posted by Rohn Jay Miller on Dec 10, 2014

When the Tsunami hit Japan in 2011 telephone circuits were instantly flooded with calls from desperate people trying to reach loved ones to check on their safety. A group of Japanese engineers at Facebook thought about the problem and developed a lightweight online service called Safety Check, announced last week […]


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