Japanese Facebook Engineers The “Safety Check”

Posted by Rohn Jay Miller on Dec 10, 2014

When the Tsunami hit Japan in 2011 telephone circuits were instantly flooded with calls from desperate people trying to reach loved ones to check on their safety. A group of Japanese engineers at Facebook thought about the problem and developed a lightweight online service called Safety Check, announced last week […]

Where Will “The Next Billion” Internet Users Come From?

Posted by Rohn Jay Miller on Nov 12, 2014

By year’s end 40% of the world’s population will be Internet users. That’s 2.8 billion people, and almost all of them are in the richest countries on earth—especially in North America, Europe, Japan, and Korea. Technology and telecommunications companies are seeing sales begin to flatten out, so they’re asking, “Where […]

Blackberry: Revived As Tool For Busy Executives

Posted by Rohn Jay Miller on Oct 27, 2014

Blackberry? Aren’t they the people who used to have 47% of the smartphone market—and today have 1%? Aren’t they dead? Apparently is the Blackberry not only not dead, it appears to be reviving! John Chen, their turnaround CEO, has laser-focused the company on its core audience, hardcore business users who need a […]

The Un-bundling of Cable Television Begins

Posted by Rohn Jay Miller on Oct 20, 2014

Two Hammer blows against the cable television industry were struck last week when giants HBO and CBS announced that they in 2015 will begin offering monthly online subscriptions to all their content.  They are the first two major channels to make the complete shift, though most channels offer online time-shifted […]

Ello? Ello? Is This The Facebook Killer?

Posted by Rohn Jay Miller on Oct 16, 2014

Internet people have been abuzz for the past few weeks over Ello.co, a new social network that proclaims it will be free for users and also free of advertising. Ello has been adding members very slowly thought an invite-only process that requires one of its members to invite you to […]


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