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Residential and commercial construction professionals were unsure how propane systems could help them meet increasingly stringent building performance and environmental standards. Manufacturers depicted propane as a single-application solution and overlooked the benefits of a whole-building approach to energy selection.


Secure a positive place for propane systems within the matrix of energy and appliance options available to construction professionals.

Locate and influence professional segments that determine a home or building’s energy sources.

Identify and celebrate projects and business success achieved through the incorporation of propane solutions.
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A content-rich communications platform

  • With frequently updated articles, videos, and interactive content, the Build with Propane network of website, e-newsletter, and social media channels position PERC as the authoritative resource for information on building with propane.
  • An audience-specific editorial approach results in pro-only education and training content backed by third-party research and peer-to-peer business intelligence, all approached with a journalistic sensibility.

A smarter way to acquire and keep audience

  • Supplement paid and organic methods of growing audience with Hanley Wood’s proprietary construction and remodeling data, significantly sharpening geographic and psychographic targeting filters.
  • Develop the Interactive Training Module, an embeddable widget that feeds content from into the site of any participating industry partner, greatly extending in-network reach.
  • Bring new audience members onboard with a smart, automated nurture chain that knows the record’s professional designation and point of entry.


The comprehensive program has given PERC the ability to directly reach and influence segments of the construction industry that make decisions about what energy source is used in homes and buildings. Research shows that those who had recently engaged with Build with Propane content were more favorable toward and likely to consider propane solutions for construction projects. The program currently comprises:
  • A network of online properties generating 60,000 monthly visits.
  • A client-owned communications database of more than 45,000 qualified audience records.
“We have never before owned this amount of effective content or this degree of targeted engagement with our core audiences. I’m extremely grateful and proud of the Hanley Wood team.”
Bridget Kidd
Director of Residential and Commercial Programs, Propane Education & Research Council
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